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The Prosperity Agenda created Money Mindset Cards,  a set of activity cards that help staff, organizations, individuals and families facilitate conversations to help develop their own path to financial well-being. Financial capability integration is not about delivering more information more frequently, but about building mindsets when it comes to the culture of money by talking about it early and often. Through dialogue generated by the Cards, it is our goal to inspire clearer goals and meaning when it comes to money, build healthy identities with financial wellness, and create intention for the financial future that individuals and families want.


Identity, Intention, Inspiration

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There’s power in talking about money – even when people don’t want to.

Deck Features

The Money Mindset Cards were designed to generate conversations with individuals and families from a place that truly matters to them.

  • 30 cards along with a handy facilitator guide
  • 10 Identity cards
  • 10 Inspiration cards
  • 10 Intention cards
  • Creative Catalyst foldout poster
  • Money Mindset Circle instruction

Welcome to the Circle!

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More About Money Mindset

A lot went into the development of the Money Mindset Cards.

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Money Mindset project partners