Max Andrews

UX and Visual Designer

A natural curiosity about science, math, and humanities led Max to earn a B.S. in Ethnomusicology, the study of music and its relationship to culture. Forever a student of the way people interact with their surroundings, it's no wonder that he was hooked on design after his first class at Seattle School of Visual Concepts.

Max started his journey in Web Design with a small Strategic Design Consultancy. One website led to another, then three more, followed by a raft of mobile application and print design projects. Now, he's honed his powers to a fine edge and spends his days building delightful new digital and physical-world user experiences, and bending Adobe Creative Suite to his will.

We think Max's super-power is finding just the right words and images for something when we're not sure how to articulate the idea yet ourselves. He helps keep us authentic by cutting away the extraneous, communicating just the core of an idea in a way that feels complete and spot on.

Max is an abalone free-diver, motorcycle rider, musician, tinkerer, and introverted design enthusiast.