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After TPA’s 2016 Financial Capability Summit, we uncovered the need to LISTEN & LEARN from program participants in order to better serve their clients’ needs and challenges. We responded to this challenge by hosting TPA’s first design innovation workshop where service providers collaborated to generate ideas to incorporate client voice into future program design.

This year, after the 2017 Financial Capability Summit, we learned about the value of creating a culture of understanding around financial decision-making or differing financial mindsets. TPA is hosting another design innovation workshop centered on the following theme: How might we build a culture of awareness around financial decision-making within an organization focused on building financial wellness for their clients?  This design innovation workshop will have a heavier emphasis on research methods, problem framing and empathy mapping.


What to expect?

  • Participants will learn new strategies for incorporating client experience when building and implementing programs for the communities they serve, to best meet their needs. 

  • Participants will learn different tools and techniques for conducting deeper research into their client's lives and find actionable ways to apply these findings to their daily work.

  • Techniques and strategies will include qualitative interviewing methods, research synthesis, brainstorming exercises, iterative problem framing and other creative program development strategies.

  • Approach ideas and solutions that create opportunities to help increase understanding of diverse financial mindset within a community.

  • An energizing day filled with activities, discussion, inspiration, and innovation.


Join us!

Contact amandau@theprosperityagenda.org for questions.