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The Prosperity Agenda (TPA) and the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) have been invited to facilitate a workshop at the National Conference on Coaching in Health and Human Services at UC Davis Extension on April 25th. Over the past few years, TPA and DSHS designed and piloted an approach to integrate a coaching model into the TANF program at six sites throughout Washington State. The workshop will provide:

1) an overview of the research and informed the coaching approach, such as scarcity and executive skills

2) an opportunity to discuss challenges and strategies to incorporate  a coaching approach into regulated environment such as TNAF

3) an opportunity to reflect on results of the pilots and discuss a series of recommendations for integrating coaching into similar environments

Chloe Kachscovsky, TPA Project Manager
Jenny Grayum, DSHS Program Manager

For more information on Career and Life Coaching and how you can get involved, contact Rachel Brooks at rachelb@theprosperityagenda.org.

About the conference:

Coaching in the health and human services field has gained significant traction in the past five years and is having a profound impact on the delivery of services to vulnerable children and adults. Jurisdictions across the country and globally have been implementing coaching programs with much success. In an effort to increase understanding and implementation of this effective learning model, the Northern California Training Academy at the Center for Human Services, UC Davis Extension, will host the first annual National Conference on Coaching in Health and Human Services.

The conference will bring together human services professionals, leaders, researchers, coaches, instructors and anyone interested in learning more from colleagues about the implementation of coaching in health and human services. - UC Davis Extension