Coaching Training

Our coaching training classes are intensive and highly experiential, which enables staff to effectively integrate coaching into everyday interactions. We’ve customized our training to meet the unique needs of organizations with materials and support and provide both a foundation in coaching, and the practical steps to coaching conversations.*

PRICE: Up to $9,375

  • Three-day course with instructor

  • Training materials provided

  • Pre-training assessment and webinar

  • Post-training technical assistance



Each three-day course is place-based (at your venue or location anywhere in the US or Canada) and includes these modules.


Foundation in Coaching

Coaching is anchored behavioral change, not in the transfer of information. This module puts the focus on partnering with people in a thought-provoking and empowering way that leads to discovering their full potential.



Coaching Approach

Structured with the intent to help set goals both visible and repetitive, this nationally recognized training is aimed at, and structured to create intentional goal setting processes that are both visible and repetitive. Choose from Family-Centered Coaching or FInancial Coaching for Prosperity toolkits and approaches. 


*The base price for each coaching modules includes up to 15 participants, (added cost for additional trainer to accommodate additional participants). The partner provides the venue and materials are also provided in electronic format (PDF.) Travel is not included, and is dependent on training location.



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