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Building on the success of our Financial Coaching for Prosperity model, the Coaching Accelerator is where coaches and participants work collaboratively on various financial topics. The Financial Coaching Accelerator Program's overarching goal is to build the capacity of agencies that aim to improve the financial wellness of low-income households through integrated service delivery.


Cohort One Prototypes

We know that overcoming our own organizational challenges allows us to be more effective, create larger impact and facilitate longer term outcomes for the families we serve. Accelerator participants met virtually every other month to develop, refine, and test coaching capacity building prototypes. Here are a few of the prototypes that were developed.


Prototype 1: Strength of Coaching Relationship

Measuring the strength of the coaching relationship allows the organization to assess both client progress and coach skill. The strength of a coaching relationship is highly correlated with client goal setting and goal completion. Clients are in the best position to evaluate how well staff are using coaching practices, principles, mindsets, and fluency to support them in achieving their goals. In contrast, simply measuring coaching practice limits organizational understanding of client experience and impact.

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Prototype 2: Sample Jobs Description Draft and Interview Rubric

Hiring for coaching inclined individuals allows the organization to look for strengths around the ability to adopt and operationalize a coaching relationship at an organization. By using language that emphasizes the importance of listening, understanding the complexity of people’s lives, and building on strengths, you are more likely to attract individuals for any position at your organization that embraces curiosity and client-driven goals.

Prototype 3: Person-Centered Program Development Action Plan

Building and improving your program elements from your participants’ voice, you are elevating your client voice not only for their own goals, but for the goals of your organization. This is the truest form of coaching. By learning which programs, and which elements of your program, are working best for your participant, you will increase your impact by designing for experience.

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Cohort One Participants

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