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Our Savings Initiative creates a research-based roadmap of existing savings initiatives in Washington State with the purpose of exploring the replication and scaling of proven approaches that work.

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Savings Initiative

Our Career Readiness Project brings together state and community partners to test a sector-based education and job training approach, with wrap-around support, for parents in TANF, with the goal of DSHS adopting this model statewide.

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Career Readiness

Financial Coaching for Prosperity helps low-income families become financially resilient by providing financial coaching and training to agencies and staff that work directly with clients.

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Financial Coaching

The unemployment rate the first year following release from incarceration.

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White Paper

Innovations in Welfare Policy: Building a Personal Safety Net with a Bank Account (2012)

Mar 2014

Owning a personal financial safety net of savings is essential to surviving what many economists call ‘The Great Recession.’ Without access to a rainy day fund, families live on an economic fault line that leaves them one crisis moment away from falling into, or deeper into, poverty. Unfortunately, low and moderate-income families face significant barriers to utilizing bank accounts at large financial institutions. This report offers policy options and recommendations to improve banking access for WorkFirst participants to build personal financial safety nets. WorkFirst is the Washington State welfare program known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), which provides assistance to eligible low-income families through cash grants, work services and supports, medical assistance, and child-care.

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