Diana Dollar

Executive Director

Diana Dollar, Executive Director, is committed to poverty eradication and her qualifications know no bounds. With more than 20 years spent directing economic development, workforce development and human services programs, her insights aren’t just theoretical. In addition to real-world experience, she grounds her beliefs in tried-and-true research and best practices – frameworks and concepts she learned in the field and while earning a Master of Public Administration at the University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Affairs.

But, while Diana knows the systems and policies that perpetuate poverty better than most, she invites input from stakeholders across industry sectors and political lines. This commitment to practicality and willingness to adapt sets Diana apart and influences every initiative at The Prosperity Agenda. As a result, the work of The Prosperity Agenda isn’t filed away on shelves – it reaches the people and agencies that motivate our organization and improves the lives of everyone.

Want to learn more about The Prosperity Agenda and how poverty is affecting you (trust us, it is)? Diana’s happy to chat with just about anyone – if you’re lucky, over a glass of her and her husband’s award winning Washington wine.