Unique Employment Opportunities

The Prosperity Agenda is a high energy organization that takes risks in order to fail and learn. Our staff and board are as dedicated to improving the economic resiliency of our local communities as they are to ensuring we produce top-quality, evidence-based work.

We pride ourselves on using the most current research and data-driven methods to develop transformative programs and initiatives. And, we work hard to cultivate and maintain solid relationships within the community because our mission depends on it.

current opportunities

The Prosperity Agenda periodically offers flexible employment opportunities such as contract, part-time, or consulting to support its work in WA State and beyond. We're interested in collaborating with students and professionals possessing a variety of academic and professional experiences, with a demonstrated interest in social justice and the preservation and enhancement of social equity.  

The organization offers opportunities across, but not limited to, the following areas:


We are currently not hiring at this time. Please check back periodically for openings!


  • Marketing
  • Board Membership
  • Fundraising Team Member
  • Innovation Lab

If you are interested in learning more about The Prosperity Agenda, or inquiring about the above positions, please contact us.