Board Development Committee

Committee Meetings

March 27, 2017

Meeting Notes:

  • Reviewing of draft "Who We Are" Statement
    • Added a "call to action" that includes: 

      As directors of The Prosperity Agenda (TPA) we: 1) prepare in advance and are fully engaged at TPA meetings and events, and 2) use a collaborative approach to decision making which welcomes a wide-range of viewpoints and encourages active debate.

    • It is being proposed that the "call to action" and board purpose statements will be reviewed at the beginning of each board meeting, which Chris will introduce at next meeting.

  • Next Steps:

    • Karen and Diana will meet on April 7, 9am-9:30am to review the board recruitment One-Pager.

  • Discussed the completion date of One-Pager (to be loaded onto Board Portal by April 3, 2017)
  • Next Steps:
    • Review the One-Pager
    • Discuss "Who We Are" Statement


March 6, 2017

Meeting Notes:

  • Goals for the Board Development Committee include: 
    1. Identifying strategies to recruit 3-5 new members
    2. Program to grow new officers on the board
    3. Program to development skills of existing membership
  • Next steps:
    • Develop a "Who We Are" Statement (Chris)
    • One-Pager about TPA (Diana) 


The purpose of the Board Development Committee is to establish a recruitment and on-boarding process for new board members.

Committee Purpose

  • Define the needs of the board
  • Recruit, screen, and interview candidates
  • Provide an orientation for new board members

Roles & Responsbilities

Committee Membership

Karen DeVilla (chair) |
Chris Inverso |
Andi Rusu |
Diana Dollar (staff) |