Our Savings Initiative creates a research-based roadmap of existing savings initiatives in Washington State with the purpose of exploring the replication and scaling of proven approaches that work.

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Our Savings Initiative

Our Career Readiness Project brings together state and community partners to test a sector-based education and job training approach, with wrap-around support, for parents in TANF, with the goal of DSHS adopting this model statewide.

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Career Readiness

Financial Coaching for Prosperity helps low-income families become financially resilient by providing financial coaching and training to agencies and staff that work directly with clients.

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Financial Coaching

The increased likeliness that children with a dedicated college savings will attend college.

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White Paper

Foster Youth & Child Savings Accounts: Building Hope through Educational Savings (2012)

Mar 2014

Asset-building and financial education programs are essential to help young people develop savings habits and accumulate assets that will put them on a pathway to financial security. This paper proposes an innovative concept to help foster youth build savings through a Child Savings Account (CSA) to be used for attaining a post-secondary education.